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BL Mini, High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

BL Mini, High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

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BL Mini, High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

Product Description

Save space with this innovative mini (smaller than A4 paper) hand dryer. With a beautiful, black stainless steel shell, this dryer is  durable and environmentally friendly. Even with its compact size, this device delivers strong airflow and low noise.

The dynamic air delivery feature provides for adjustable heating as follows:

  • When the room temperature is higher than 25„ƒ, It blows normal temperature air (500W)

  • When the room temperature is below 25,ƒ, It blows warm air (1150W)


  • Without the temperature sensor, (Explanation in the instructions), It always blows warm air (1150W)

Product Details

  • Operating Voltage: 110-120Vac, 50/60 Hz, 550W - 1800W

  • Voltage rating: AC220-240V, 1150-1350W

  • Brush Motor (500W)

  • Sensing Distance: 15-20cm

  • Speed: 68m/s

  • Weight: 3.5kg

  • Protection: IPX1


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 280 x 153 x 162mm


  • Dynamic display power indicator

  • Plug in or concealed wire installation available


Ip rating


Prouct type

Hand Dryer

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