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C-Tec BF318 Remote LED Indicator

C-Tec BF318 Remote LED Indicator

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C-Tec BF318 Remote LED Indicator

Product Description

A high-quality remote LED indicator specifically designed for use in fire alarm systems. and includes a white ‘write on’ area allowing installers to add equipment locations.

Incorporates a high intensity, wide-angle red LED which is clearly visible from the front of the plate when active.


Product Details

Activation current: 1.3mA @ 6VDC (Min) to 10mA @ 30 VDC (Max) if using 0V & +30V connections; 25mA (Max) if using 0V & LED only connections
Connections: +30V Max; LED only; 0V (CONN1).
Product dimensions (mm): 85 W x 85 H x D 23mm (Can be mounted on a standard UK 25mm single gang flush or surface back box).
Construction & finish: White PVC plate; Light grey label.
IP Rating: IP40.
Weight: 48g.
Operating conditions/temperature: -10ºC to +60ºC.


Internal external


Prouct type

Fire Alarm

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