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Hager CD285U 100A, 2-Pole, 30mA A-Class RCCB

Hager CD285U 100A, 2-Pole, 30mA A-Class RCCB

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Hager CD285U 100A, 2-Pole, 30mA A-Class RCCB

Product Details


  • Neutral position: right


  • Number of poles: 2P


  • Fixing mode: DIN rail type O (symmetrical)


  • Rated operational voltage Ue: 230 V


  • Frequency: 50 Hz


  • Rated current: 100A


  • Type of supply voltage: AC


  • Rated insulation voltage: 500 V


  • Rated impulse withstand voltage: 4000 V


  • Rated residual operating current: 30 mA


  • Breaking and opening capacity: 1.5 kA


  • 6A to Dimensions (HxWxD): 83 x 35 x 70 mm


  • Total power loss under IN: 1.72 W


  • Electric endurance in number of cycles: 2000


  • Number of mechanical operations: 4000


  • Tightening torque: 2,8Nm


  • Connection cross-sect. flexible conductor: 16mm ²


  • Connection cross-sect. rigid cable: 25mm ²


  • Standard text
    • EN 61009-1
    • IEC 61009-2-2


  • Protection index: IP IP20


  • Residual current type: A


  • Operating temperature: -20…70 °C

The Hager CD285U 100A, 2-Pole, 30mA A-Class RCCB is the perfect solution for anyone looking for reliable and easy to use protection against electrical faults. With a 100A rated 2 pole 30mA RCD type A design, this device provides trip free operation with a mechanism that can be padlocked either ON or OFF. This makes it easy to ensure the safety of your built environment at all times. The high quality construction and durable materials ensure an extended lifetime and make it a great addition to any home or business. For comfort and convenience, the device comes with an easy to read status indicator to allow you quickly check its current condition without any hassle. Trust in Hager's decades of experience in producing reliable safety solutions and give the peace of mind you not only deserve but also require.


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