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Kidde KF20 Mains Optical Sensor Smoke Alarm

Kidde KF20 Mains Optical Sensor Smoke Alarm

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Kidde KF20 Mains Optical Sensor Smoke Alarm

Product Description


Optical alarms are for use in escape or circulation routes and in areas where there is a danger of ignition of furniture and surroundings by cigarettes producing slow, smouldering fires.


This alarm features:

  • Interlink with up to 23 Firex hard-wired alarms – all alarms sound if danger is detected
  • Alarm memory – identifies source unit within interconnecting network
  • Reduced energy consumption – lower lifetime running costs
  • Combined Test/HushTM button allows regular testing of alarm function and can be used to temporarily silence nuisance alarms
  • Auto reset after activation
  • Tamper-resistant locking device – prevents unauthorised removal without the use of a tool
  • Mains operation – 9V Alkaline back-up battery supplied as standard



Product Details


  • Power Supply: 230V mains-powered with 9V Alkaline battery back-up


  • Temperature Range: 0ºC to + 40ºC


  • Humidity Range: Up to 93% Relative Humidity (RH) non-condensing


  • Alarm Dimensions: 127 x 127 x 39mm


  • Bracket Dimensions: 133 x 133 x 6mm


  • Alarm Weight: 242g


  • Warranty: 6 years


  • Approvals:
    • BSI certified to BS EN14604:2005
    • CE tested and certified


  • Sensor: Optical, circular lateral chamber with insect-resistant width, 9-slot entry portals


  • Chamber Size: 35mm outside diameter x 16mm depth approximate (external)


  • Detection Band: Infrared light wavelength


  • Button Test: Simulates the effect of smoke within the sensing chamber, checks electronics and sounder


  • Automatic Self-test: Circuitry is tested and unit beeps (chirps) if fault is detected


  • Power Consumption: < 15mA


  • Connection: Push-in/snap-fit type connector with 150mm long flying leads (supplied)


  • Power-on Indicator: Continuous green LED


  • Alarm Sounder: Electronic piezo-electric sounder (T3 pattern sound - three pulses - space - three pulses)


  • Sound Output: 85dB (A) minimum at 3 metres


  • Dust Protection: In-built foam gasket in rear of alarm to prevent dust ingress into rear of the alarm


  • Alarm Status:
    • Red LED flashes approx once every five minutes = normal operation
    • Red LED flashes once a second = sensing smoke (sounder alarm sounds)
    • Red LED flashes once every ten seconds = in hush condition (auto-reset after 15 minutes)


  • Interconnection: Up to 24 Firex and Kidde ‘Slick’ units (smoke, heat and CO) can be hardwire interconnected with optional control 


  • Optional Controls: Wired Remote Test and Hush Unit (REMTH) allows test and hush of interlinked units


  • Optional Pattresses: SMK23RU also has integral switchable relay for operating remote devices SMK4896 – Surface mounting base for added ease of installation


  • Fixing: Mounting bracket ring supplied with two ‘T’ slot fitting option 57mm spacing to a maximum of 90mm for standard screw fittings on back boxes 
    Bracket has 50mm diameter central access hole for cabling




Prouct type

Smoke Detector

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